About Us

Vision Statement:
Become the world's premier, fully integrated one stop solution provider to the Pharmaceutical, Food, Healthcare and Personal Care Industries.

Mission Statement:
To achieve our vision we will strive to:
  • Provide reliable professional services to our customers meeting international standards of current good engineering practices
  • Forging mutually beneficial and lasting relationship with our clients and partners
  • Developing our staff to deliver the highest quality of service and seek innovative & creative approaches towards problem solving
  • To recruit qualified & competent manpower in order to achieve the business goal, i.e. to have right people at right time with right mix of skills

In our quest to achieve our vision, we will always be guided by our Core Values:
  • Integrity
    "Respect your words and do what you say"
  • Customer Focus
    Customer is King and if we don’t meet his expectations, someone else will
  • Mutual Respect
    Treat every individual with respect and dignity. Give respect and command respect
  • Team Work
    “One for all and all for one”
  • Innovation
    Is not just the invention of a new idea but creating out-of-the-box thinking to generate a new value!
  • Quality Conscious
    "First time right". Aim at excellence and quality in every activity we perform as part of our day-to-day work process and seek continuous improvement in all that we do


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